The apples don't fall far from the tree....

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Tue Jul 13 08:43:21 CDT 2004

>From: GLoduca at
>Subject: Re: Bad apples all over...
>> Strange...
>Sorry, but this isn't my first contribution to this list.  I have been
>several years but only feel a need to "contribute" when I think I have 
>something to say worth repeating.

My apologies then.
I tend to have trouble remembering people when there's no name to

>If You go back you will see my '"rantings" as you 
>call them are supported by facts and accurate historical data.

Yeah, I'll get right on that.

>But the point 
>is this is a Who mailing list not a political agenda list.

And my point was that your post was more appropriate for a "political
agenda list", not a who list.
Practice what you preach is all I was saying.

>Now there's a come back.  Apparently some of my comments hit close to

Perhaps.  You clearly were talking to everyone who made a political
And, you weren't talking too nicely, might I add.
>but instead of debating them or showing me where I am wrong you start

What name was it I called you again?
Please show me.
Oh, and you wanted to debate politics on a Who list?
Do you even *see* your own contradictions???
That's all I'm saying.

>I beat they didn't teach you that in debate class now did they? 


>I don't need to go any further with that, nor do I feel a need to step
>People that read this list because they want to know about the Who
figured it 
>out without me having to provide Cliff Notes.

Again, you missed my point.
If you're upset about the recent political flurry, and want Who
Then don't rant politically, rather talk about The Who.

>If you insist on using 
>this list to promote your own personal agenda that's up to you.

I made one political rant (first in months and months), and then replied
to Mc's reply.
If that's an agenda, then you're as dramatic as poor old attacked Mc.
Everyone is attacking him.
He has everyone's sympathy.
Come on.

>But you'll 
>never convince anybody of anything if you don't try and do it in a more

Boy, got them knickers in a twist now, don't you.

>Or perhaps that isn't your intent.  Either way, you have a good day. 

My intent was achieved.
Got you looking in the mirror.
And you have a good day too.
Hopefully, our next interaction can be about *THE WHO*!

>From: Sroundtable at
>Subject: Rudeness
>This was rude.  You have a lot of class.

Calling black.

>From: GLoduca at
>Subject: Re: Rudeness
>Thank you, Mc.  Unfortunately it was all to predictable but

You two getting a room?

Oooops, I guess that wasn't a mature thing to write.
Shame on me.

Kevin (having an awesome day!) in VT

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