Rolling Stone Covers

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Jul 13 08:25:24 CDT 2004

> > I don't recall how the article was written.  Was it
> > sensationalized?  If so, then perhaps framing it would be very tacky.
>No, it was far and away the definitive article on the
>tragedy, very well researched unlike, say, John G.
>Fuller's horrifically sensational "Are The Kids All
>Right?" with its many inaccuracies.
>However, selling the cover framed to put on your wall?
>For profit?

Certainly that's no worse than setting up a t-shirt business at the site of 
the World Trade Centers tragedy.  Business is business, and it seldom takes 
tackiness or even macabre into account.  It would be a nice gesture for RS 
to offer the profits to charity (and good publicity, perhaps), but it's 
their article and their cover, and their right to sell it.  If it sells, it 
was a good idea, and if it doesn't, or if it provokes some kind of backlash, 
then it wasn't.  I predict it will sell.  Macabre is in these days.

Hostage beheading, anyone?

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