Rolling Stone Covers

Bruce bkawak at
Mon Jul 12 22:35:34 CDT 2004

> > The third one, however, took me aback. It's the
> > Cincinnati tragedy cover with the faces of the 11 fans
> > that died. Is it just me, or is that more than a
> > little sick?
> >

I had a subscription of RS at the time and it was the first in depth account
I read about that wasn't sensationalized like all the TV/paper reports.  I
think they were trying to make the point these weren't just nameless kids to
be forgotten.  They could have been your or the kids in the neighborhood and
in fact were not all kids either.

What made me sick was John Fuller's book "Are the Kids Alright?" whose
premise is "the 'kids' in fact are victims of an unconscious death wish that
is an integral aspect of hard rock."

> what about the "the who the end" cover?

Hey, they took them at their word.  Pete made it clear in that interview
there would be no more tours.
He lied. :)


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