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> Alan:
> Ironic that nitpicking like this: "The premature calls
> may have cost Bush thousands of votes from the
> conservative panhandle" when the calls happened a mere
> 10 minutes before the polls closed is being called
> "deliberate deceit" by anyone. What, is this a
> contention that someone was sitting at home and saw
> that on TV, and therefore didn't go to the poll?

Nope.  This is entirely wrong.  The very instant the polls closed in 
Florida's eastern time zone the networks leapt to project for Gore in a frenzy not to 
get scooped.  That left one full hour for more voting in the panhandle which 
is in the Central Time Zone.  This is an absolute, incontrovertible fact.  
Argue about how many votes it may have cost the candidates, but Florida was called 
for Gore one full hour prior to them closing in the panhandle.


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