Sadlers Wells

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Sat Jul 10 01:45:41 CDT 2004

This is a great gift.  I have to purchase this.

Pete is a fucking genius!

On the song Mary, he plays on acoustic with Phil Palmer.
Pete announces Phil will be playing like he's gonna be
the principal player.   Phil basically accompanies Pete
on the song (Phil's no slouch mind you, but he doesn't
show it on this song).  So Pete goes about on this wonderful
song with sweet vocals and just over-the-top acoustic
guitar craftsmanship.   I mean, he's doing all sorts of
key changes, harmonic progressions, and sorts of
fast but very audible notes that pop out with a surprise
appearance.   So then the song ends and Pete bashfully
bows and re-announces, "Phil Palmer",  like Phil was
the main attraction, etc.   The irony of course is that
at no time did I take my eyes off of Pete and his
magical fingers.   Phil  - by the way seemed a bit embarrassed
by the unearned attention, and then seemed amused at
the way Pete wanted to share the spot-light every so slightly
but couldn't contain showcasing his skills and in the
process upstaging Phil.   So Pete!

Pete's voice sounds just superb throughout the whole
performance.   All the singing is excellent.

This is a special performance.

Joe in Philly 

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