Sadlers Wells

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Jul 10 00:13:32 CDT 2004

>Isn't it cool Jo? I revisit it often and it still reduces me to tears 
>sometimes. The violinist for Baba really seemed to enjoy herself.

That's Gaby Lester on violin and the London Chamber Orchestra on classical 
backup.  Actually, here's the cast of principals:

Liam Bates	 .... 	Conductor
John Bundrick	.... 	Keyboards
Chyna	.... 	Vocals
Peter Hope Evans	.... 	Mouth Organ
Gaby Lester	.... 	Violin
Jody Linscott	.... 	Percussion
Chucho Merchan	.... 	Bass
Billy Nicholls	.... 	Vocals
Phil Palmer	.... 	Guitar
Cleveland Watkiss	.... 	Vocals


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