Bad apples all over...

GLoduca at GLoduca at
Fri Jul 9 19:20:16 CDT 2004

Thank you again Brian for being one of the few people that contribute to 
these lists that gets it.  

I have been a member of these lists for a number of years now but can rarely 
bring myself to open more than one out of a hundred e mails.  The constant 
bickering back and forth over the left and right by a bunch of people slanted by 
their own bigotry is not worth anybody's time.  When I do manage to take a 
deep breath and try and wade through some of this self righteous "my side is 
always right and your side is obviously lead by Satan" crap usually drives me 

Haven't you purveyors of "truth" figured out yet they are ALL politicians 
that will do just about anything to get elected.  You don't get that far up the 
ladder without selling your sole a hundred times over.  They both cater to 
whomever they feel will get them elected.

Not every conservative is a bigoted, homosexual hating, right wing, war 
mongering  zealot.  Not every liberal is a flaming socialist, flag burning, 
abortion promoting baby killer, environmental zealot.  But yet many on this list try 
to paint that picture. Both sides using the same brush and not even realizing 

Michael Moore isn't any smarter than Rush Limbaugh.  They both take a piece 
of the truth and slant it to match their own points of view.  Hopefully some of 
you will someday figure out the truth actually lies somewhere in between 
these types of guys.

All politicians are backed by people and companies that basically have their 
own self interests at hand.  It's Capitalism at it's finest.  One side is no 
better or worse than the other.  I don't know if it's still true but a year or 
so back there were more democrat millionaire members of congress and the house 
of representatives than Republicans. Don't think for one minute they made 
their money any more gallantly then their republican brothers. You want a truly 
enlightened leader, move to Tibet cause you aren't going to find one here. 

Democrats get credit for the civil rights movement, but Lincoln was a 
Republican.  And Bush was the first president to have a black Secretary of State and 
two black cabinet members.

The republicans get credit for fiscal responsibility but Bill Clinton 
balanced the budget and left a surplus.

Bush is a silver spoon "Yalie" but Kerry has four houses worth over 31 
million dollars and can buy and sell the Bush family.  And don't think he can' t be 
bought.  They are both already bought and sold.  That's how you raise 
216,000,000.00 and 167,000,000.00 respectively to run for president.  Don't worry all 
you Kerry supporters he will catch up, Bush just had a head start.    

Haven't any of you figured out yet you will never change anybody's mind when 
it comes to politics.  The left will only listen to Limbaugh to disagree with 
him and call him an asshole.  The right will only see Moore's movie to 
disagree with him and call him an asshole.  They rarely change anybody's mind. 

So go ahead and continue the name calling and the self righteous indignation 
that your side is always right.  Because basically it won't change anything 
and just displays how much you really don't know or refuse to see.

So that' s my two cents worth.  I feel much better now.  :)

May Moonie and the Ox rest in peace.  After all isn't that what these sites 
are all about? 


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