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Tim Ballou iluvawnings at
Fri Jul 9 12:31:29 CDT 2004

I forced myself to not respond to the conservative-bashing posts, even
though I had a response written out in my head.  I figured, why add fuel
to this fire when we should be talking about Who-fire instead.  

And then, I read Sroundtable's comments.  I was going to e-mail him
privately, but decided to publicly declare my affirmation of his
viewpoint.  This way I get to repost some of his wise analysis again (see
below).  I couldn't have communicated it any better.  Sroundtable hit the
nail on the head.  Ditto!  And I don't mean that as any kind of
sympathetic nod to Limbaugh.  Believe it or not, I'm a conservative
thinking guy who hates Rush.  That's right, not all Republicans are

I also hate country music, I think the filthy rich should pay more taxes,
I'm skeptical of faith-based government programs, and I think Michael
Moron has every right to get his film in as many theaters as possible, and
to make a gazillion dollars from movie-goers worldwide.

It is so hard to discern truth these days in what you read or see.  The
only truth I can hold on to with 100% conviction is that the name-calling,
pigeon-holing wackos on the right and on the left -- are birds of a
feather.  They would never admit it, for their blinders are glued on too
tight, but they have much in common.  And they do more damage than good.

Another sad truth that I see is that these wacko lefty/righty birds are
the ones that make the headlines and get their soundbites on TV.  This
only adds volume to their voices and helps perpetuate the stereotypes.  

It's just too easy for journalists to focus on the "No war for oil" and
"censor Fahrenheit 911" contingencies.  It takes too much valuable time to
dig deeper in the gray areas.  And there are many.  

Face it -- most people want the big bang.  The Hollywood blockbuster with
lots of special effects.  A good sex scene.  The song with the catchy
melody.  A guitar smashed on stage.  A screaming "impeach Bush" audio
clip.  Or a front-page photo of an Iraqui prisoner wearing a dog collar. 
If only life were that simple. 

> In a message dated 7/8/2004 9:06:04 PM Central Daylight Time, 
> thewho-request at writes:
> > >Let's not just lump those protesting the film in with all
> Republicans.
> > 
> > Why not?
> Because it makes you as much of a bigot as they are.  You cry about 
> prejudice, yet you want to lump all republicans in with these
> protesters.  I saw the 
> movie, had no desire to protest it, and wasn't fooled by it's spin on
> the 
> "facts," even though some were outright lies.
> > 
> > >Of 
> > >course, these people DO have the right to exercise their freedom of
> > expression
> > 
> > "Yes, the Cineplex in Montpelier, VT has received over 3 dozen death
> > threats and even more arson threats.
> > Even before the movie was shown in this state.
> > There's your Republican freedom of expression.
> > You don't agree with the laws of this land regarding abortion?
> > Go kill a doctor.
> > Hypocrites.
> > Sounds like terrorism.
> > So, takes one to know one??
> > Hypocrites.
> > Every one of ya."
> I'm no bible-thumping, gun toting, confederate flag waving, red neck 
> conservative.  You are guilty of the worst kind of hypocrisy.  Bomb
> threats don't 
> speak for republicans, but rather a tiny fraction of the right wing
> fringe.  Do 
> wackos who throw red paint on people who buy furs speak for all
> democrats?  Any 
> time there is controversy, the fringe comes out of the woodwork to
> engage in 
> this garbage.  Remember the teacher who was fired for using the word 
> "niggardly"?  It was the far-left, hyper-sensitive crowd who backed
> that.  Those who 
> make death threats and kill abortion doctors ARE hypocrites AND
> terrorists, and 
> make me ill, quite frankly.  But for you to lump me in with them is
> equally 
> hypocritical from a supposedly enlightened thinker.  You have revealed
> the actual 
> truth: Libs are the ultimate hypocrites because they purport to have
> open 
> minds, yet their minds are entirely closed to anything that doesn't fit
> into 
> their political agenda- and even choose with whom to personally
> associate based on 
> their narrow view of politics.
> > "All about the church and values, but then your party is the most
> > prejudice in the world.
> > No, no, we love the lord and all *his* values, but don't make me sit
> > next to a black or a gay.
> > Hypocrisy.
> > I love the lord and all his creatures, and hey look at that beautiful
> > Elk.  Kill it!
> > I don't get it and I never will.
> > What a wonderful world our lord has created, now, lets go wreck it.
> > Hypocrisy.
> > Oh, and I love the lord and all his values, but fuck those lazy
> bastards
> > that can't make it on their own.  Why should we Republican's have to
> > worry about those lazy good for nothing inner-city bastards.
> > Hypocrisy."
> Again, you propagandize that simply because one is a republican he/she
> is 
> racist.  This is an insane proposition.  Just because I may believe that
> marriage 
> belongs between heterosexual couples only and I am generally not for 
> affirmative action, doesn't make me in any way prejudiced.  These are
> legit beliefs 
> that you simply disagree with, and has nothing to do with racism.  I
> don't judge 
> anyone based on skin color or sexual orientation, or any other such
> quality- 
> but rather take each person individually as I meet them.  I suppose
> that's why 
> all the black and gay people I associate with have no problem with me. 
> Yet 
> YOU call me a racist and have never met me.  You proudly display your
> prejudice 
> right here for everyone to see.

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