L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 9 09:40:26 CDT 2004


Meanwhile the broadcast is still running.  Does that mean it will continue 
to run now fulltime?

This is kind of a strange thing.  When I look at Pete's site, I can't see an 
immediate link to it, so presumably one has to already have the link and 
know it's there to watch and listen.  It seems like Pete would display the 
link prominently on his front page so chance visitors can find it.

Also, there's no sign on the broadcast as to what it is.  I checked the 
"playlist properties" and got only "playlist 1" which is pretty unhelpful.  
If Pete wanted to use the WhoTV to promote a CD or DVD, for example, then 
something about the broadcast should identify the item so people can find it 
without asking around.

(scratching head)


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