huntington at huntington at
Fri Jul 9 09:44:17 CDT 2004

>> "*And* Trent Lott is *still* in the Senate!
>> Embarrassing for you, but also for *our* country."
> Right, and so is Robert Byrd (KKK) and that ass who praised him for having 
> "always been right."  They get a pass from you, though, AND the mainstream 
> press.

I believe Senator Lott was referring to fellow colleague Strom Thurmond of SC when he said he's "always been right." The ultimate irony on Thurmond's segregationist past is that his estate has finally acknowledged his black daughter from an interracial tryst of his some years ago.

I wasn't aware that Robert Byrd had any associations with the KKK by the way. Is this a fact?

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