another attack on Mc... here's the rebuttal

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Fri Jul 9 09:16:07 CDT 2004

>another attack on Mc... here's the rebuttal

First of all, to label what I posted as an "attack" is just a bit too
dramatic for me.
Come on, if you're going to be the poster-child for the Republican Party
on this list, then you have to expect a few darts thrown your direction.
And, given my very *DEEP* hatred, *complete* distain and lack of *any*
respect for the current administration, feelings I've *never* felt
against *any* other administration Republican or Democratic, I think
I've been pretty damn good about staying out of the political fray here
on this list.
Not so sure you have, me friend.

with that said, I'd like to quickly reply with some thoughts, and then
will step out of politics and onto the lake for the whole weekend racing
in this:

>> >Let's not just lump those protesting the film in with all
>> Why not?
>Because it makes you as much of a bigot as they are. You cry 

I'm crying??

>prejudice, yet you want to lump all republicans in with these

Re-read what you wrote.
I'm lumping the protesters in with Republicans, not the other way
around, chap.
Or, are you insinuating that the protesters are not Republican's??
Hey, like it or not, you're judged by the company you keep.

>I'm no bible-thumping, gun toting, confederate flag waving, red neck 

You mean the people who hold the power in the Pub. party at the moment?
Don't forget about the corrupt big-business people and Drug companies
that have their hands in Bush's pocket.

>You are guilty of the worst kind of hypocrisy.  Bomb threats don't 
>speak for republicans, but rather a tiny fraction of the right wing
fringe.  Do 
>wackos who throw red paint on people who buy furs speak for all

Again, you're judged by the company you keep.
I'll stand with paint throwers any day.  
Given the extremes, we're talking about some caring Socialists and
people who *really* stand up for Christian Values in trying to protect
*all* of God's creatures, on our side, and hateful prejudice
hypocritical bigots on your side who use the bible to justify their
Sorry man, but that's how it is.

You may not like to hear it from me, but I have deep problems with how
hypocritical the Republican Party is.
Like Joeltl5:15 said, "it had to be said."

>Those who 
>make death threats and kill abortion doctors ARE hypocrites AND
terrorists, and 
>make me ill, quite frankly.  But for you to lump me in with them is
>hypocritical from a supposedly enlightened thinker.

Tell it to Trent Lott, and again, the keep.
Again, I can't think of anything evil the Dems are doing.
I could wax on for hours about the crap that Pubs are doing.
If you hate the base of your party so much, why do you belong???

>and even choose with whom to personally associate based on 
>their narrow view of politics.

Now Mc, why you have to go assuming what I base my associations on?
Do you really know me that well?
I have Pub. friends.
I give them the same shit I'm giving you at the moment.
Let's stick to the subject at hand.
Oh, and they have just as much trouble explaining it as you do.
And, they're just as embarrassed.
But, affiliating yourself with such a party does reflect on *you*.

>Again, you propagandize that simply because one is a republican he/she
>racist.  This is an insane proposition.

Oh I'm sure there are good Pubies out there.  I know it to be true.
I'm looking at the numbers though, man.
The South....heavy into Religion.
The South....Heavy Republican.
The South....Heavy into racism.
The South....Very anti-homosexuality.

It's really quite easy to see.
Hide if you want, but you support a party that is hypocritical and one
that disgusts me and....wait for it...a *majority* of this country (Gore
+ Nader = liberal.  Bush = Conservative.  Gore got more votes than Bush
all on his *own*.)

>Just because I may believe that marriage 
>belongs between heterosexual couples

Why the fuck do you care????

>doesn't make me in any way prejudiced.

Sure it does.

>These are legit beliefs

Prejudiced beliefs.
>that you simply disagree with, and has nothing to do with racism.

No, nothing at all.
Uh Hmmmmm.

>I don't judge 
>anyone based on skin color or sexual orientation, or any other such
>but rather take each person individually as I meet them.

I'm sure you do.  Really.
But, you have somewhere inside you a part that just can't stand gays
getting married.
I personally don't care.
I think marriage is a religious term.  If gay folk can find a church to
marry them, then great.
But, they should have absolute *equal* rights under our government as
*everyone* else.
Morality shouldn't even enter the equation.
But, it does for you.
Keep the state and religion separate.
Oh, wait, Republican's don't want that.
They want a country similar to....ummm......Iraq, or Iran, or other
countries that are stupid enough to allow religion to dictate policy.
Even the Turks know better (no offense to Turks intended).

>YOU call me a racist and have never met me.

I called you a racist?
Show me where.
I don't believe you're a racist.

>You proudly display your prejudice 
>right here for everyone to see.

I show my distain for the platform that *leads* the Republican Party,
and all those that support it.
And, I stand by that and always will.

>Sigh.... I wasn't referring to the wackos threatening theatres.  The
post I 
>replied to was talking about boycotts.

I know.  And, I took your blinders off to show you the *whole* picture.

>It's only narrow to you because you disagree with it.

It's narrow to me because you are about you, and not about us.  And,
because you *associate* with a party that is all about us and them.
This is how Dems. feel.
If you don't like it, then you obviously have much work to do to try and
change the perception about the Republican Party.

>You take Moore's misinformation operation and lap it up without 
>questioning because you WANT to believe it.

Yeah, doy-doy-doy....I've lost my own mind or ability to watch the news
stations and read the paper and absorb all the information available to
everyone in this country.

>Moore makes the statement that the Bin Ladens were given no more of an 
>interview that an average person taking a flight, and the guy agrees.

Yet Bush's buddies (and don't even try to deny that) were allowed to fly
out of the country at a time that all other flights were banned,
directly leading to the death of dozens of people awaiting transplants,
drugs, and other things that weren't allowed to be delivered in planes
without any passengers.
Hey, just an example of what Bush's friendships cost, and the hypocrisy.

>You however, are a sheep, and 
>apparently proud of it.

And fuck you very much.
Move on.

Regarding Nader....
I've been a fan of Nader and his ideologies for a long time.  My mom as
He completely lost us when he decided *not* to support the Democratic
ticket in 2000 even after it was clear he didn't have a chance in hell
in getting the required % of votes to get federal funding for the
After that point, it's been all about ego.

"Really, if it comes down to it, we want Gore to win.  But, really, how
much damage can Bush do in 4 years?"
-----Ralph Nader supporters I confronted and debated in public on Church
Street in Burlington, VT (pedestrian zone) 
Sept. '00

Kevin in VT

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