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>Subject: Moore fight with Pete - like it or not,	they're still on the
>	same side!
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> >Subject: Re: Moore fight with Pete
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> >Let's not just lump those protesting the film in with all Republicans.
>Why not?
> >Of
> >course, these people DO have the right to exercise their freedom of
>Yes, the Cineplex in Montpelier, VT has received over 3 dozen death
>threats and even more arson threats.
>Even before the movie was shown in this state.
>There's your Republican freedom of expression.
>You don't agree with the laws of this land regarding abortion?
>Go kill a doctor.

So you're equating freedom of expression with criminal behavior?

>All about the church and values, but then your party is the most
>prejudice in the world.
>No, no, we love the lord and all *his* values, but don't make me sit
>next to a black or a gay.

Who said this? Probably not the black or gay republicans.

>I love the lord and all his creatures, and hey look at that beautiful
>Elk.  Kill it!

Who said this?

>I don't get it and I never will.
>What a wonderful world our lord has created, now, lets go wreck it.
>Oh, and I love the lord and all his values, but fuck those lazy bastards
>that can't make it on their own.  Why should we Republican's have to
>worry about those lazy good for nothing inner-city bastards.

Who said this?

> >Naturally Republicans are going to counter
> >it in some way, and attacking Moore's credibility is one way to do
>Yes, and threatening to kill theatre owners is another, I guess.
> >But it IS propaganda
>It's facts.

No it's not. That's why Moore isn't getting sued. It's billed as "his 
perception of the facts." Read the new Entertainment Weekly, that bastion of 
great journalism actually has a pretty good interview with him.


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