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> There are many things an artist can do. He can
> consider the repercussions. You wouldn't name your
> child "Frying Pan," would you? Because it would not
> help the kid in his/her interactions with society.
> Actually I know of a woman named (pronounced
> "Fa-Mall-Eee") Female Brown and two children named
> Orangejello and Lemonjello. (Or-ON-Gee-Lo and
> Lee-MON-Gee-Lo). Really, I'm not kidding. Welcome to
> the South.

Uh, you lost me there. What does giving your kids weird names have to do
with the way Pete is carrying on with the band?

What are the repercussions of using the name of the original line up of a
band you wrote most of the music for and still has the original founder of
the band (Roger) then continuing to write and produce songs because that is
what your whole life has trained you for?

Pissing off a few fans doesn't seem repercussion enough, Pete has plenty to

As for naming a song with an odd double entnendre' on an event not related
to the subject matter of the song, that's having the artistic balls to not
let a witch hunt dictate your creation. If he were new on the scene, there
may be more of a story here, but the existing legacy outweighs this semantic

I'm not saying an artist has to be revered by all just because of what they
do. I'm just saying that casting it all off as poor judgement is a bit
haughty and is based more on your expectations than Pete's intentions.

And I didn't know the South had the market cornered on weird names. Watch

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