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> this is what's great about america. problem is, I 
> think anyway, is that the right wingers are taking over the airwaves in this 
> country and are shunning away those with a "left" point of view and I think 
> it 
> should be stopped. there needs to be more balance and more "respect" for 
> those 
> with every point of view imaginable. if we have "freedom of speech", let's 
> run 
> with it. 


The airwaves are a marketplace of ideas, and there is a market for 
conservative political content.  Now let's be honest.  Things are pretty balanced in the 
media these days.  I have never been one of those conservatives who whines 
about liberal bias in the media.  I've always said that if conservatives want 
more balanced coverage, then more of them should go into the media professions.  
Whatdya know?  Now they have.  

The liberals have the three largest newspapers in the country- NY Times, LA 
Times, and Chicago Tribune.  Throw in the Washington Post and that's quite a 
formidable list.  I don't fault these papers for this.  The vast majority of 
reporters and op-ed columnists are liberal, so that will consciously and 
subconsciously slant the coverage.  It's the nature of the business.  They also have 
CNN and ABC- both clearly liberal.  CBS and NBC generally lean slightly left, 
but are balanced, all-in-all (though conservatives are probably gasping at this 
comment).  I find MSNBC to be pretty balanced, also. 

The conservatives dominate radio and have FoxNews- which gets better ratings 
than the other cable news outlets.  There are also some right-leaning major 
newspapers, but the Libs still have a sizeable edge.

I love this country because I have this incredible variety of views available 
to me through the media.  Sometimes it seems, however, that many on the left 
would prefer only liberal content and opinion to be available.  This is why 
they blast conservative talk radio all the time and accuse them of monopolisitc 
practices, as was done above.  Of course, they seem not to admit that the 
market for lib talk radio just isn't there.  See what happened to Al Franken and 
George Soros' liberal radio network?  No audience despite great publicity, and 
couldn't meet payroll the first month.  Everyone, right and left, should stop 
whining and compete in the marketplace of ideas.  This is America, after all.


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