The Who Mailing List Digest, V11 #177

Dennis Crow out_of_control at
Thu Jul 8 22:49:29 CDT 2004

"Naturally, because they can't deny the facts brought 
out by the film"

It's a shame what loud Who music played at level 11, and 
drugs do to one's mind. To state that Moores vitriolic bio of Joseph
Goebbles, err I mean F/911 is factual beyond reproach is mind boggling.

Try opening up your very narrow mind to read through the supplied url.
Please note the numerous resources including many left of center. But I
guess even the liberals are in on the great right wing conspiracy!

There a lot of angry people out there, You aren't going to get ALL the
facts  from The Alphabet soup networks or M.M. movies. Stop being mad,
get educated, it's just not healthy.  

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