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> >Let's not just lump those protesting the film in with all Republicans.
> Why not?

Because it makes you as much of a bigot as they are.  You cry about 
prejudice, yet you want to lump all republicans in with these protesters.  I saw the 
movie, had no desire to protest it, and wasn't fooled by it's spin on the 
"facts," even though some were outright lies.

> >Of 
> >course, these people DO have the right to exercise their freedom of
> expression
> "Yes, the Cineplex in Montpelier, VT has received over 3 dozen death
> threats and even more arson threats.
> Even before the movie was shown in this state.
> There's your Republican freedom of expression.
> You don't agree with the laws of this land regarding abortion?
> Go kill a doctor.
> Hypocrites.
> Sounds like terrorism.
> So, takes one to know one??
> Hypocrites.
> Every one of ya."

I'm no bible-thumping, gun toting, confederate flag waving, red neck 
conservative.  You are guilty of the worst kind of hypocrisy.  Bomb threats don't 
speak for republicans, but rather a tiny fraction of the right wing fringe.  Do 
wackos who throw red paint on people who buy furs speak for all democrats?  Any 
time there is controversy, the fringe comes out of the woodwork to engage in 
this garbage.  Remember the teacher who was fired for using the word 
"niggardly"?  It was the far-left, hyper-sensitive crowd who backed that.  Those who 
make death threats and kill abortion doctors ARE hypocrites AND terrorists, and 
make me ill, quite frankly.  But for you to lump me in with them is equally 
hypocritical from a supposedly enlightened thinker.  You have revealed the actual 
truth: Libs are the ultimate hypocrites because they purport to have open 
minds, yet their minds are entirely closed to anything that doesn't fit into 
their political agenda- and even choose with whom to personally associate based on 
their narrow view of politics.

> "All about the church and values, but then your party is the most
> prejudice in the world.
> No, no, we love the lord and all *his* values, but don't make me sit
> next to a black or a gay.
> Hypocrisy.
> I love the lord and all his creatures, and hey look at that beautiful
> Elk.  Kill it!
> I don't get it and I never will.
> What a wonderful world our lord has created, now, lets go wreck it.
> Hypocrisy.
> Oh, and I love the lord and all his values, but fuck those lazy bastards
> that can't make it on their own.  Why should we Republican's have to
> worry about those lazy good for nothing inner-city bastards.
> Hypocrisy."

Again, you propagandize that simply because one is a republican he/she is 
racist.  This is an insane proposition.  Just because I may believe that marriage 
belongs between heterosexual couples only and I am generally not for 
affirmative action, doesn't make me in any way prejudiced.  These are legit beliefs 
that you simply disagree with, and has nothing to do with racism.  I don't judge 
anyone based on skin color or sexual orientation, or any other such quality- 
but rather take each person individually as I meet them.  I suppose that's why 
all the black and gay people I associate with have no problem with me.  Yet 
YOU call me a racist and have never met me.  You proudly display your prejudice 
right here for everyone to see.

> "*And* Trent Lott is *still* in the Senate!
> Embarrassing for you, but also for *our* country."

Right, and so is Robert Byrd (KKK) and that ass who praised him for having 
"always been right."  They get a pass from you, though, AND the mainstream 

> >Naturally Republicans are going to counter 
> >it in some way, and attacking Moore's credibility is one way to do
> that.
> Yes, and threatening to kill theatre owners is another, I guess.

Sigh.... I wasn't referring to the wackos threatening theatres.  The post I 
replied to was talking about boycotts.

> >But it IS propaganda
> It's facts.
> >just as 
> >Limbaugh is propaganda.
> Ummm, Rush is the biggest liar in the country.
> It's been proven over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over,
> and over, and over......
> >It should not be taken at face value
> Yes, because that would destroy Mc's narrow view on life.
> Take yer blinders off!
> Kevin in VT

It's only narrow to you because you disagree with it.  You know nothing about 
my life or my view on it.  See, this is where you reveal that you have lost 
all objectivity.  I can admit that Limbaugh and those of his ilk are 
propagandists, and I don't take what they say as gospel, but rather question it 
critically.  You take Moore's misinformation operation and lap it up without 
questioning because you WANT to believe it.  Here is the crystallized example: In F911 
Moore is interviewing a guy about the Saudi plane carrying the Bin Laden 
family, and Moore makes the statement that the Bin Ladens were given no more of an 
interview that an average person taking a flight, and the guy agrees.  It has 
been shown since that at least 22 of the 24 Bin Ladens were individually 
interviewed by the FBI for FAR longer than the cursory questions asked regular 
passengers.  When was the last time you were questioned by the FBI prior to a 
flight?  This is misinformation.  

Did it also occur to Moore that maybe the FBI, CIA, and NSA had been keeping 
close tabs on the Bin Ladens given the other terror attacks that occured 
during the Clinton years, and they knew that these family members were not a source 
of info on Osama?  This, of course, was never explored.  

I admit that Moore is simply doing from the left what Limbaugh and Hannity 
and Pat Robertson have been doing from the right for years.  That's why I have 
no problem with the movie- I just hope people check out ALL the facts before 
they blindly buy-in to what F911 claims.  You however, are a sheep, and 
apparently proud of it.


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