So much for keeping politics off list

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> And, as this is going on, 10's of thousands of Somali citizens are being
> killed and tortured.
> Oh, not to mention the systematic raping of all the women in an attempt
> at ethnic cleansing.
> These are Muslims radicals with terrorist ties doing these crimes.
> Guess if there's no oil, there's no incentive for us.
> Sheesh.

As long as we're politicising the list..........


Of course, YOU want Bush not to act unless allies and the U.N. support it.  
Has the U.N. decided to move on Somalia?  Allies? Hmmmm.... funny we haven't 
heard this.  Maybe the French and Germans can run that operation since it is 
"just" and the Iraq war "unjust."  OK, so do we conduct foreign policy as per the 
U.N. and NATO, or not?  You need to make up your mind.  You want Bush to act 
unilaterally in Somalia, but not Iraq.  Just so we're clear, and all.


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