Moore fight with Pete - like it or not, they're still on the same side!

L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Jul 8 21:03:41 CDT 2004

>maybe not kerry, but wouldn't it be interesting if we had nader for 
>president? very highly unlikely he'd get chosen, but it's something to 
>think about and I kinda feel sorry for the guy. it seems no one wants to 
>hear what he has to say about the issues. I think he should be heard.

As I understand it, Nader runs for office to be heard.  Since we have a two 
party system, can an Independent or third party candidate actually win the 
required electorial votes?

And yes, we have returned to politics.  Maybe we should rename this the 
policitics, religion and Who list.  ;)

Whatever, as long as everyone can remember to be polite, then it's good 
discussion, and often related offshoots from real Who discussions.  It's 
very difficult to insulate a list from the real world.


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