Moore fight with Pete - like it or not, they're still on the same side!

Thu Jul 8 18:36:55 CDT 2004

well, this was a rather "dangerous attack", but I think it's something that 
needs to be said.   me and sroundtable (apparently, I dunno yer real name!) 
have been exchanging e-mails about politics and I find him to be quite an 
intelligent individual with alot of information to back himself up whereas alot of 
others simply don't. I admire him for that, although we do share a different 
point of view on the bush administration. which is cool with me.   he isn't one 
to shun down a movie theater for playing moore's film. he actually finds moore 
to be a very talented and smart filmmaker, it's just he, obviously, dosen't 
believe in much of the info the film provides. which is ok. hey, who says we 
have to agree on everything? this is what's great about america. problem is, I 
think anyway, is that the right wingers are taking over the airwaves in this 
country and are shunning away those with a "left" point of view and I think it 
should be stopped. there needs to be more balance and more "respect" for those 
with every point of view imaginable. if we have "freedom of speech", let's run 
with it. 

what's that? trent Lott's still in the senate? that prejudice a-hole? i'm 
sorry, but that's really stupid. 

maybe not kerry, but wouldn't it be interesting if we had nader for 
president? very highly unlikely he'd get chosen, but it's something to think about and 
I kinda feel sorry for the guy. it seems no one wants to hear what he has to 
say about the issues. I think he should be heard. 

Limbaugh IS a liar, let's face it. ha! he thinks marriage is a sacred 
institution, and yet he's getting his third divorce. (by the way, bush's brother neil 
isn't exactly an "angel" either but let's not get into that..) and he feels 
drug addicts should get imprisoned and then he came out about his addiction to 

kevin talked about hypocrisy. all i'll say is, to refrain from offending 
anyone on this list, is that if there's one thing I hate, it's hypocrisy and I try 
not to be a hypocrite myself. sroundtable (what's your name boy?! lol) told 
me he dosen't believe in the death penalty, so, ya see, not all republicans are 
alike.  in fact, there are some republicans, in and out of washington, that 
are turning against bush and his policies. 

why I liked the film, is because moore isn't really in it all the way through 
like his previous films. he lets the footage do the talking. bush making 
faces at the camera right before his announcement of the iraqi war I think was 
very telling. and who the hell was that guy who was sucking on his comb and ended 
up having an assistant lick his own finger to do his hair? it was so 
revolting, even my father (a registered republican who isn't too fond of bush either) 
was disgusted. 

yes, it seems we have returned to politics on this list. ha! like i've said, 
it hits a very thick core with people. kinda like someone making fun of your 

"there is nothing more personal than your politics" - Little steven

"where are the strong? and who are the trusted?" - elvis costello through 
nick Lowe

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