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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 8 09:12:19 CDT 2004

> I can't see buying T&N for these songs when they're
> available individually.


I have the advantage of getting it in a trade, so
essentially it cost me $3. I didn't buy it for full
price because I have so many versions of the other
songs already. And having only two songs on a CD is a
bit inconvenient.

> I wonder if they'll be on the new album when it
> finally comes out?  From the
> comments we've heard about the songs being "rushed",
> I'd wager no.

I'm told they will be, and something's going to be
done to them. I don't if that means overdubs or
remixing or what.

> He's
> rationalizing because he'd rather that than see the
> Tories in office.

There has to be another choice.

> That's
> exactly the sort of thing I hate about party
> politics, but what are you going to do?

I know how you feel, Kerry's not my choice. But
considering the alternative there's really no choice
if we're going to save what's left of the ideals this
country was built upon, and before we continue the
path which led to the Soviets to ruin: overextending
the troops and going deeply into debt.

> Though I've never been a particular fan of theirs, a
> lot of their music is
> so "British" that it passes a lot of British people
> by. I know Mark Leaman
> has them in high regard, and perhaps he might chuck
> a thought or two into this pond.


It's true that The Kinks are more popular in the US
than in their home. But yeah, when I first read that
The Who were the most British, I thought "No, it's The
Kinks." The Kinks incorporated Dance Hall into their
songs (Sunny Afternoon, for one) and sang with an
unashamed heavy Cockney accent. Ray Davies wrote songs
about your ordinary average British man. Explored the
culture, motivations, hopes and dreams. 
Daltrey was trying (and succeeding to a great extent)
to sound like James Brown and Townshend...Townshend's
songs were a lot more universal. Tommy, for instance,
could have been from any civilized nation. But I must
follow this up by saying Jimmy from Quad was
completely and uniquely British.

> "But he'll have to work very, very hard to convince
> me that a man with a 
> camera is going to change the world more effectively
> than a man with a 
> guitar. "
> Pete is a fucking genius...


But not in this case. A picture is worth a thousand
guitar riffs. I say this as someone who participated
when both were used to help end the Viet Nam war.

> Naturally Republicans are going to counter 
it in some way, and attacking Moore's credibility is
one way to do that.

Naturally, because they can't deny the facts brought
out by the film. Naturally because that's just how
they operate.

> So what's your sound system like, Mark?  Did you
play it at home, at the store?


I have a 300 wpc Onkyo stereo amplifier, a Philips
SACD player and Klipsh Forte speakers (as well as a
Denon turntable, Teac reel-to-reel and Onkyo cassette
deck). At home, where I listened to the CD.

> Have you got huge sub-woofers that would affect the
bass sound?

My stereo doesn't have a sub. It doesn't need one.

> Besides the bass, what do you think about the
balance of the music vs. vocals?

I think it was fine.

> Any other nits to pick?

Already done, when the songs came out.

> Can't speak for the folks on your side of the 
Atlantic, but for many of us here, when the debate was
raging *before* the invasion of Iraq, many of us
(including me, to my utter shame)


No need for shame. You were lied to by people you
didn't think would lie. You didn't know who these
people were, and their history of untruth. I for one
was shocked when Colin Powell told the UN things I had
been told by someone who knew were not true.

>But - I didn't want Saddam Hussein's regime to
continue either - for the very same reasons.

A missle would have done the trick. Invading the
country meant dealing with the aftermath, and it was
obvious to many of us how that would turn out...just
as it has. You don't fight individuals by invading
countries, and terrorists are individuals.

> Pete - characteristically - isn't. Daft he may be,
with a wonky persepective 
at times - but give him credit for his sincerity. I

Bad judgement, as I said.

> And, as this is going on, 10's of thousands of
Somali citizens are being killed and tortured.


And American soldiers fighting in Iraq are maimed by
the thousands. Which is not being reported by the
"liberal" press.

> No, none of this is bad judgement. He's just doing
the only thing an artist can do.


There are many things an artist can do. He can
consider the repercussions. You wouldn't name your
child "Frying Pan," would you? Because it would not
help the kid in his/her interactions with society.

Actually I know of a woman named (pronounced
"Fa-Mall-Eee") Female Brown and two children named
Orangejello and Lemonjello. (Or-ON-Gee-Lo and
Lee-MON-Gee-Lo). Really, I'm not kidding. Welcome to
the South.

"And I am an optimistic person. I guess if you want to
try to find something to be pessimistic about, you can
find it, no matter how hard you look, you know?"
  George "pearls of wisdom" Bush

Cheers         ML

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