Can't hear it...and....shame on you Michael Moore (but..nice movie :-)

L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Jul 8 08:25:23 CDT 2004

>>supports Blair, not the war, per se.  I think there are a lot
>of people in that position right now.  What's he supposed to do?

>Question Blair's judgment for following Bush down the yellow brick road.

At least Blair had a visible (and seemingly altruistic) political motive for 
supporting Bush's plan--it included an initiative for peace in the Middle 
East--which seems to have gone by the wayside.  This leaves Blair in a bad 
position.  He's not gotten what he bargained for.

>>I agree the "wash" is what's there most of the time

>I had trouble even finding the "wash." Really, you have to close your eyes 
>and concentrate really hard.

This is at the show, right?

>>couldn't hear the MG bass runs

>Barely, and they were feeble.  After all this time, Pino still sounds like 
>he's a train wreck in progress.  Holding onto the track by one wheel.  I 
>cringe waiting for the carnage.

I heard that without any problem at MSG, but I believe he fluffed it.  Still 
I think we're expecting too much to think he can replace the Bass Player of 
the Millennium within a couple of tours.  He's noticibly improved on this 
tour, but still under a lot of pressure.

>>or the Sparks bass line *at all*.

Ask Jon, too.
He too couldn't hear Pino at all.
And, while my seats weren't shabby, Jon's and Scott's were quite good
with direct lines to Pino's amps.

The reason for my question about the stage vs. the cds is that I think Pino 
is playing like Pete now, through the PA.  That lovely atmospheric bass 
sound is gone because they've reduced the noise on stage again.  You can't 
blame them for protecting their hearing, but we'll miss the sound at 

>>How about the opening of Baba, when it's only synth, piano and bass?

>How about it?  I'd comment if I could have heard them!

In 2002, Rabbit was doing a lot of this and Pino looked totally terrified of 
it.  He looked totally comfortable with it this year, and I could hear more 
of the bass.  Give him a break.  He's doing it when (for example) Greg Lake 
isn't.  He's not dedicated to The Who--he's got other work to take care of.  
He's doing a great job.


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