Moore fight with Pete - like it or not, they're still on the same side!

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Thu Jul 8 08:27:02 CDT 2004

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>Subject: Re: Moore fight with Pete
>Let's not just lump those protesting the film in with all Republicans.

Why not?

>course, these people DO have the right to exercise their freedom of

Yes, the Cineplex in Montpelier, VT has received over 3 dozen death
threats and even more arson threats.
Even before the movie was shown in this state.
There's your Republican freedom of expression.
You don't agree with the laws of this land regarding abortion?
Go kill a doctor.
Sounds like terrorism.
So, takes one to know one??
Every one of ya.
All about the church and values, but then your party is the most
prejudice in the world.
No, no, we love the lord and all *his* values, but don't make me sit
next to a black or a gay.
I love the lord and all his creatures, and hey look at that beautiful
Elk.  Kill it!
I don't get it and I never will.
What a wonderful world our lord has created, now, lets go wreck it.
Oh, and I love the lord and all his values, but fuck those lazy bastards
that can't make it on their own.  Why should we Republican's have to
worry about those lazy good for nothing inner-city bastards.

*And* Trent Lott is *still* in the Senate!

Embarrassing for you, but also for *our* country.

>it's purpose is- to 
>discredit Bush and get Kerry elected.

The facts discredit Bush all on their own.
Bush has that part down to a science.
Moor just let's us look behind the curtain.

>Naturally Republicans are going to counter 
>it in some way, and attacking Moore's credibility is one way to do

Yes, and threatening to kill theatre owners is another, I guess.

>But it IS propaganda

It's facts.

>just as 
>Limbaugh is propaganda.

Ummm, Rush is the biggest liar in the country.
It's been proven over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over,
and over, and over......

>It should not be taken at face value

Yes, because that would destroy Mc's narrow view on life.
Take yer blinders off!

Kevin in VT

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