Can't hear it...and....shame on you Michael Moore (but..nice movie :-)

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Thu Jul 8 08:03:15 CDT 2004

>From: "Jim M" <petenotped at>
>Subject: Re: Michael Moore: Pete refused WGFA for Fahrenheit 9/11
>Obviously Pete 

Careful people.  A whole bunch of speculative statements being made
based on one press article where we're missing many facts.

>supports Blair, not the war, per se.  I think there are a lot
>of people in that position right now.  What's he supposed to do? 

Question Blair's judgment for following Bush down the yellow brick road.

>Back the


>Back another party, which has no chance of winning?

AKA: Nader (yes, I know Pete can't vote in the US).

>pretend that the war, though it didn't produce the predicted smoking
>wasn't all that bad because it did remove an evil dictator from power.
>That's politics, folks.

To pretend is not politics.
It's stupidity.
Hmmm, then again, maybe it *is* politics.?

>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked at>
>Subject: Re: Then And Now & WGFA vs. Rockin' in the Free World
>Isolation works. So it's hard for many of
>us to swallow the deaths of 800+ (7 more yesterday!)
>American soldiers

And, as this is going on, 10's of thousands of Somali citizens are being
killed and tortured.
Oh, not to mention the systematic raping of all the women in an attempt
at ethnic cleansing.
These are Muslims radicals with terrorist ties doing these crimes.
Guess if there's no oil, there's no incentive for us.
>From: "Jim M" <petenotped at>
>Subject: Re: Then And Now & WGFA vs. Rockin' in the Free World
> He's
>rationalizing because he'd rather that than see the Tories in office.

Blair is a good man.
Just got in bed with the wrong fellow.
But, ya play the cards you're dealt.

>I agree the "wash" is what's there most of the time 

I had trouble even finding the "wash."
Really, you have to close your eyes and concentrate really hard.

>But, I can't
>believe you...

Sure you can!  I don't lie!  I'm obnoxiously honest!

>couldn't hear the MG bass runs

Barely, and they were feeble.  After all this time, Pino still sounds
like he's a train wreck in progress.  Holding onto the track by one
wheel.  I cringe waiting for the carnage.

>or the Sparks bass line *at all*.
Ask Jon, too.
He too couldn't hear Pino at all.
And, while my seats weren't shabby, Jon's and Scott's were quite good
with direct lines to Pino's amps.

>How about the opening of Baba, when it's only synth, piano and bass?

How about it?  I'd comment if I could have heard them!

>about The Punk Meets the Godfather, when the guitar and bass duel each


>I could hear the bass in those places, it was just much, much
>quieter than it should have been.

It was futility personified.

>I had LROM on in the car today and noticed some nice bass lines in the
>middle of the song, while all the other instruments are playing.

That's what I don't get.
We (Scott, Jon, and I) were listening to an Encore CD and could hear
some very competent bass runs from Pino.
Again, I don't get it.
>still not loud, but the'yre there.  That's the sort of thing I couldn't
>at the concert that is there on the CDs.  That's what's missing, IMO.

I wouldn't argue with that.
The man can play, but holy hell, let's let him be heard.

>From: "L. Bird" <pkeets at>
>Subject: Pete responds
>Pete has put up a diary entry giving his side of the Moore film 

I *knew* he wasn't going to keep silent on this!
Off to read his diary!

>>>>>pause....>>>>>waiting for Kevin in VT to read Pete's
diary.......he's not the fastest reader......>>>>more pause..>>>>>Kevin
in VT had to take a piss....>>>>>

Ok, I'm back!
Exactly!  I saw Bowling for Columbine, and wasn't all that impressed
Pete sounds like he was very reasonably cautious.
Don't fuck with Pete, Mr. Moore.
He uses E-mail.  Easily traceable and verifiable.
I'll bet money Roger is going to give Michael a piece of his mind.

>From: Bjorn Ciggaar <ciggaar at>
>Subject: Re: Pete responds
>>"But he'll have to work very, very hard to convince me that a man with
>>camera is going to change the world more effectively than a man with a

>>guitar. "
>Pete is a fucking genius...


Good to see you posting again, Bjorn.

Kevin in VT

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