Pete for Blair?

simon malia malias40 at
Thu Jul 8 03:59:19 CDT 2004

Jim M wrote:

"Obviously Pete supports Blair, not the war, per se.  I think there are a 
of people in that position right now.  What's he supposed to do?  Back the
Conservatives?  Back another party, which has no chance of winning?"

When Pete played Shepherds Bush Empire back in '98 (admittedly a long time 
before the "War on Terror" or the invasion of Iraq; in fact just a year 
after Blair and his "New Labour Project" had taken office), as he introduced 
"WGFA" he made a comment about how disillusioned he already was with the 
UK's (then) "new boss". I cheered that to the rafters. And like him, I'm 
stuck too - who to vote for?

I've voted Green in the past two General and past three local elections. You 
don't need to know that, but - it's free.

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