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mobailey at ntlworld.com mobailey at ntlworld.com
Thu Jul 8 03:32:34 CDT 2004

This bounced the first 2 times, trying again:

> This is apparently a recent ad for the UK Experience 
> Corps.  The news story 
> includes downloads so you can copy the pic and watch the 
> ad.   Has anybody 
> seen it on TV?
> http://www.experiencecorps.co.uk/xq/ASP/id_Content.264/id_Page_Parent.51/qx/article.htm

Ha!  I saw this advert on TV a year or so ago.  It was late one Friday night, and I was quite drunk (etc).

Only saw the advert once - and I was never sure whether I dreamt it or not.  It was pretty surreal, as well as being crass / cringeworthy.


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