Pete supporting Blair

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Wed Jul 7 23:19:34 CDT 2004

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> In England when a PM has lost favor, his own party makes a vote of no
> confidence and seeks to replce him by running in Parliamentary elections
under a new
> party leader.

As I understand it, a parliamentary motion of no confidence would bring down
the government and force a general election, if it passed.  But, it's been 7
years since I lived in England, so it's all a bit fuzzy now.  If a PM has
become unpopular he may face opposition as party leader from within his
party, as happened with Thatcher (who then resigned) and Major (who I
believe survived the challenge).  Regardless, I don't think the party could
distance itself from its Iraq policy by changing leaders.

> I suspect that Pete supports Blair AND Labour, and the war.

Well, we know the answer to that now.  He thought it sounded like a good
idea at the time, but now, not so much.

Jim M

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