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L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Jul 7 23:10:57 CDT 2004

>The T&N versions are a LOT more bassy, but I did hear a guitar riff I 
>couldn't hear in downloaded versions. Can't say which I like better. The CD 
>has so much bass it almost feels like too much. The iTunes versions are 
>cleaner, but sound more like demos. Anyway...just FYI.

Okay, I should probably say here that I'm going by the iTunes version when I 
make my comments on the new music.  I did order the disc from and 
it traveled all around the eastern US and then (mysteriously) returned to because the post office couldn't find me.  Neither nor 
the post office had any explanation for this, but the end result was that I 
was pissed off at, who expected to charge me shipping anyway, and 
I still haven't tried again.

I'm playing the iTunes version on a fairly good computer system and turned 
up the bass a bit to make it sound decent.  This is what my girlfriend 
commented on, as well, when she said the vocals overpower the music.

So what's your sound system like, Mark?  Did you play it at home, at the 
store?  Have you got huge sub-woofers that would affect the bass sound?  
Besides the bass, what do you think about the balance of the music vs. 
vocals?  Any other nits to pick?


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