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Wed Jul 7 21:32:16 CDT 2004

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> Obviously Pete supports Blair, not the war, per se.  I think there are a 
> lot
> of people in that position right now.  What's he supposed to do?  Back the
> Conservatives?  Back another party, which has no chance of winning?  Or,
> pretend that the war, though it didn't produce the predicted smoking gun,
> wasn't all that bad because it did remove an evil dictator from power.
> That's politics, folks.

In England when a PM has lost favor, his own party makes a vote of no 
confidence and seeks to replce him by running in Parliamentary elections under a new 
party leader.  Pete could very easily oppose Blair and still support the 
Labour Party.  Their system lends itself to this sort of thing.  Therefore, I 
suspect that Pete supports Blair AND Labour, and the war.


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