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> nah, I don't think he'd want a fight with pete.   the republicans ARE 
> trying 
> to block his film. you been reading the news at all? groups have come 
> together 
> to boycott the film, threatening the theaters etc. all this and they haven't 
> even seen it. 

Let's not just lump those protesting the film in with all Republicans.  Of 
course, these people DO have the right to exercise their freedom of expression 
just as Moore does, AND I think everyone knows what is in the film by now even 
if they haven't seen it.  Moore makes no secret what it's purpose is- to 
discredit Bush and get Kerry elected.  Naturally Republicans are going to counter 
it in some way, and attacking Moore's credibility is one way to do that.  I 
have seen the film, and it's very good- as a film.  But it IS propaganda just as 
Limbaugh is propaganda.  It should not be taken at face value because it only 
tells a small portion of the story.

As for fighting with Pete, I'm not sure Pete is looking for any fight with 
Moore.  He is not looking for any negative publicity after the child porn flap.  
The Neil Young song works well, but it still doesn't touch what it would have 
been like to follow that Bush quote with a huge Roger Daltrey scream.


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