response to pete's response

Wed Jul 7 18:54:58 CDT 2004

I don't think harvey weinstein told michael moore the full truth then about 
pete wanting the song in the film and all that. after all, pete and michael 
didn't talk one on one with each other and if you're passing on information to 
someone else, there is a tendency to twist things around a bit and that's 
probably why michael thought what he thought. i'm sure michael has no hard feelings 
towards pete. as far as being a "bully" is concerned, as most people think 
moore is, I suggest you see his film "the big one" (1997) where he consoles and 
talks to people who have been laid off from working for big corperations who 
laid them off to take their businesses elsewhere, all while on a tour to promote 
his book "downsize this".  the film may not be as poignant as let's say 
"bowling for columbine" or "fahrenheit" but I think it's worth checking out to see 
the heart of the man and his sense of humor. oh yeah, and the scene in 
"columbine" where he talks to two kids who were shot in the columbine massacre when 
they go down to k-mart headquarters (k-mart is where the two guys who commited 
the murders bought the ammo) and the way he helped them make a point.    i'd 
suggest pete to check out "fahrenheit" to see what it's all about, and everyone 
else who's been criticizing it, but never saw it beforehand. it's not a hit 
just because of the publicity y know.. 

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