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John Hughes pureneasy at
Wed Jul 7 13:02:43 CDT 2004

Chris, re

> > Finally, I think that you have to appreciate "Squeezebox" for its
> > "Englishness" (you Brits on the list will have to correct me on this if
> > wrong). It has always been said that The Who was the British Invasion
> > that was the most English. I think it is very consistent with the band's
> > sense of humor and as a kind of an outgrowth of the stuff Pete saw in
> > dance halls as a kid with his parents.

This has been done to death I know but there is a fairly good argument for
the Kinks being the most British of all the British Invasion bands.

Though I've never been a particular fan of theirs, a lot of their music is
so "British" that it passes a lot of British people by. I know Mark Leaman
has them in high regard, and perhaps he might chuck a thought or two into
this pond.



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