Can't hear it means I can't hear it...

Jim M petenotped at
Wed Jul 7 12:56:34 CDT 2004

---- Original Message ----- From: "O'Neal, Kevin W."

> I..could...not...hear the bass in NY.
> Nothing.
> Nadda.
> Wasn't there.
> Sure, there were a few moments where you discern some low-end wash, but
> that was it.
> Take my statements of "can't hear the bass" *very* literally.

I agree the "wash" is what's there most of the time and I couldn't really
identify what was bass and what was, for instance, bass drum.  But, I can't
believe you couldn't hear the MG bass runs or the Sparks bass line *at all*.
How about the opening of Baba, when it's only synth, piano and bass?  How
about The Punk Meets the Godfather, when the guitar and bass duel each
other?  I could hear the bass in those places, it was just much, much
quieter than it should have been.

I had LROM on in the car today and noticed some nice bass lines in the
middle of the song, while all the other instruments are playing.  They're
still not loud, but the'yre there.  That's the sort of thing I couldn't hear
at the concert that is there on the CDs.  That's what's missing, IMO.

Jim M

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