Then And Now & WGFA vs. Rockin' in the Free World

Jim M petenotped at
Wed Jul 7 12:46:50 CDT 2004

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> The T&N versions are a LOT more bassy, but I did hear
> a guitar riff I couldn't hear in downloaded versions.
> Can't say which I like better. The CD has so much bass
> it almost feels like too much. The iTunes versions are
> cleaner, but sound more like demos. Anyway...just FYI.

I can't see buying T&N for these songs when they're available individually.
I wonder if they'll be on the new album when it finally comes out?  From the
comments we've heard about the songs being "rushed", I'd wager no.

> Isolation works.

My point being that Pete would probably be coming out against the war if he
lived in this country.  That's how the article made it sound, anyway.  He's
rationalizing because he'd rather that than see the Tories in office. That's
exactly the sort of thing I hate about party politics, but what are you
going to do?

Jim M

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