Then And Now & WGFA vs. Rockin' in the Free World

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Wed Jul 7 10:16:06 CDT 2004

Someone finally brought Then And Now into my store
yesterday, and I got a chance to hear the new songs
from the source (rather than the downloaded versions
from iTunes I already had). They're different. The
iTunes versions have more separation, too much IMHO.
The T&N versions are a LOT more bassy, but I did hear
a guitar riff I couldn't hear in downloaded versions.
Can't say which I like better. The CD has so much bass
it almost feels like too much. The iTunes versions are
cleaner, but sound more like demos. Anyway...just FYI.

> Now, now.  It's not clear that all this is bad


To quote Jimmy in the Quad movie: "It is to fucking

> I'm going by what he's said on the news shows.

You mean the ones which attack him? Yeah, well...

> Or, pretend that the war, though it didn't produce
the predicted smoking gun, wasn't all that bad because
it did remove an evil dictator from power.


I don't know, man. Evil dictator Castro is still in
power after 40 years, and he's been able to do to the
US exactly what Saddam Hussein has done to us...a big
fat nothing. Isolation works. So it's hard for many of
us to swallow the deaths of 800+ (7 more yesterday!)
American soldiers for something that the people who
lived there weren't willing to fight for themselves,
and don't appreciate worth a shit now that we've done
it for them.

"Look at these different places around the world where
there's been tremendous death and destruction because
killers kill."
     George "and I sent them there" Bush

Cheers         ML

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