Michael Moore: Pete refused WGFA for Fahrenheit 9/11

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Wed Jul 7 06:00:04 CDT 2004

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Moore: At the end of the film Bush says "Fool me once,
shame on… me. I won't get fooled again." Clearly that
moment demands that we hear Roger Daltrey scream,
"Won't get fooled again!" That's how I had it cut.
Pete Townsend blocked it, would not allow the song to
be used. Word came to us that he is not a fan of
Michael Moore's and in fact supports the war and
supports Tony Blair and doesn't want the song used in
any way that would make Blair look bad. Harvey
personally made an appeal to him to reconsider. And he
wouldn't. At that point, we're about a week away from
going to Cannes. So, I remembered while I was driving
in Michigan "Rockin' in the Free World" came on the
radio and I thought this would be a cool song to have
in the movie. So we said, "Let's see how this works,"
and it worked perfectly. Called up Neil Young and he
said, "Whatever you need. Absolutely. It's yours."
Once we started playing it in the movie, we quickly
forgot about The Who. In fact, after Cannes, we got a
call from their manager who said they might be willing
to reconsider. And I said, "No, uh uh. That's bad
karma. This is Neil Young's moment." People leave the
theaters, that's what I want them hearing. In fact I
don't want them hearing a song that has the line,
"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." Because the
new boss I sincerely hope won't be the same as the old
boss. I don't want that song. It gave me a chance to
have a line at the end too, cause you can't go right
into "Rockin' in the Free World." So I get to say "For
once I agree with Bush...we won't get fooled again."

-Brian in Atlanta
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