WGFA vs. Rockin' in the Free World

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 6 22:55:44 CDT 2004

>>a big thing about it for the publicity.  He's been ranting at the
>Republicans for trying to block his film for weeks, and I'm sure he'd like 
>to get a fight started in the press with Pete, too.  ;)

>nah, I don't think he'd want a fight with pete.   the republicans ARE 
to block his film. you been reading the news at all? groups have come 
to boycott the film, threatening the theaters etc. all this and they haven't
even seen it.

Oh, yeah.  I know. :)

It's just that once Moore is in offensive mode, he's blasting away at all 
comers.  Just the slightest hint of question about the accuracy or bias of 
the film provokes a broadside.  Blam, whack, pow!   Moore was already loaded 
up at the Oscars, and did you hear Billy Crystal's comment? (Paraphrasing) 
"Ha.  Can't wait to her about his tax audit!"

Um.  Are we getting too much into politics with this thread?


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