WGFA vs. Rockin' in the Free World

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Tue Jul 6 22:44:01 CDT 2004

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> I'd believe the part about Pete supports Tony Blair, but I guess I'll 
> refrain from projecting what Pete might think about the war.  I DO think 
> Moore cares whether someone is against him or not, though.  Or else he makes 
> a big thing about it for the publicity.  He's been ranting at the 
> Republicans for trying to block his film for weeks, and I'm sure he'd like 
> to get a fight started in the press with Pete, too.  ;)

nah, I don't think he'd want a fight with pete.   the republicans ARE trying 
to block his film. you been reading the news at all? groups have come together 
to boycott the film, threatening the theaters etc. all this and they haven't 
even seen it. 

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