Tripe Faced Boogie

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Jul 6 22:26:42 CDT 2004

>I agree that Athena is saved by the lyrics,

I like the lyrics, but I can hardly stand to listen to it for some reason.  
The tune cloyed really fast.  Whew--as bad as "Squeezebox"!   :P   However, 
it would be interesting to hear what they'd do with it live.  A bit more 
instrumentation wouldn't hurt some of the songs on IT'S HARD.

>but I have always hated YBYB until I heard it live.

I didn't quite HATE it, but I had no respect for it until I heard it live.

>Speaking of live, I don't agree that all Who songs sound better live. I 
>think that may have been true for the songs up through "Tommy" for the most 
>part (especially because of Kit's production), but after that I think the 
>studio versions are all least until Keith died. However, 
>I don't think I've heard a really extraordinary live version of "Another 
>Tricky Day", but then I don't have all the Encore CD's.

The live concert experience has a lot to do with how the songs are 
perceived.  I remember thinking "Bargain" was such a great song when they 
were playing it at the shows, but when I heard the replay, Roger was clearly 
off key.  Didn't matter a whit during the show--it was a terrific song.  You 
just can't get the atmospheric sound on that cd.


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