Vega on Daltrey

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Jul 6 22:08:22 CDT 2004

What immediately jumps out of the entry is that Vega is smitten with Pete.  
Interestingly, people seem to go one way or the other, and actually feel the 
competition between the two.  Given a chance to get more into The Who, I bet 
she'd say worse things about Roger.  ;)


>Well, as for not being a "Golden Boy," he IS 60 years old, Suzanne.  As for
his weight, Roger still has not an ounce of fat on him- he clearly works out
with weights quite a bit and has a thicker build in the chest, abs, and 
arms.  I
this case, heavier is actually just stronger and more muscular.  I admire
people who keep in great shape and work hard to stay strong, so it bothered 
me a
bit to read this mis-info from Suzanne.  Otherwise, I enjoyed her re-telling
of her experience and appreciate her respect for what The Who does.  In
essence, she "gets it."

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