Where's the bass?

Jim M petenotped at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 6 17:35:48 CDT 2004

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> I thought the Encore disks were unmixed, just what goes through the
> soundboard and out through the PA.  So how is more of Pino's sound ending
> on the cds than people hear through the PA?  Is this a difference in his
> bass rig?  Or just where this guy was sitting at the show?

I think you're taking people too literally when they say they "can't hear
the bass" at the shows.  I've said exactly that on this list, as have
others.  What I meant to say is that the bass is far too low at the show.
You *can* hear it if you try, but should you really have to try?  There is
not one place in the show where the bass just jumps out and grabs your
attention.  Not one.  Not 5:15, not My Generation, not Sparks!

As far as the bass being "louder" on the Encore discs, I'd say it's a number
of factors.  You're listening at a different overall volume and on different
equipment.  The crowd noise will be whatever makes it through various
microphones, instead of you being surrounded by it at the show.  Plus, you
can adjust the settings to your liking at home.  Just because the disc was
made from a soundboard recording doesn't mean it will sound the same on your
stereo as it did on the concert sound system.

I'm not sure anyone's saying the bass is pounding away like a sledgehammer
on the CDs.  Just that it's a bit louder than in person, that's all.

Jim M

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