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Sister Disco!? It's a masterpiece! No freakin' way is this tripe! It is
definitely one song that I re-play at least once as soon as it finishes.
It's got all the essential Who elements: angry vocal, power chords,
completely unique synth background with an extraordinary modulation during
the last verse, an acoustic section, and this is without even mentioning
Keith and John yet!

I agree that Athena is saved by the lyrics, and I actually enjoy DYSMM (I
mean who else would actually be so bold as to set up a looping type rhythm
consisting of "rapping" that phrase), but I have always hated YBYB until I
heard it live. Speaking of live, I don't agree that all Who songs sound
better live. I think that may have been true for the songs up through
"Tommy" for the most part (especially because of Kit's production), but
after that I think the studio versions are all least
until Keith died. However, I don't think I've heard a really extraordinary
live version of "Another Tricky Day", but then I don't have all the Encore

Finally, I think that you have to appreciate "Squeezebox" for its
"Englishness" (you Brits on the list will have to correct me on this if I'm
wrong). It has always been said that The Who was the British Invasion band
that was the most English. I think it is very consistent with the band's
sense of humor and as a kind of an outgrowth of the stuff Pete saw in the
dance halls as a kid with his parents.

-Chris in Cleveland

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Hmmm.  I like "Sister Disco," and "You Better You Bet" ain't bad.   Of 
course, they're better live than on the albums.  But aren't all Who songs 
that way?


>What about:

You Better You Bet?
Did You Steal My Money?
Sister Disco?

God awful tripe....................bad songs........poor performances.......

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