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Tue Jul 6 08:24:56 CDT 2004

>From: Jdtr006 at
>Subject: Re: The Who Mailing List Digest, V11 #166
>You know Kevin, I partied with that guy and his wife before the Philly
>Wish I could remember names better, very nice people. They also had a
>that read "Thank you Pino."

Must be different fans.
The show I was waxing on about was the 1996 Quad show in Philly.

>I am doing a sign, just haven't decided what to do yet.

Good for you!

>I figure I will never 
>have front row seats again, so I have to let them know I am there!

Don't be fooled, they love that stuff!

>I hope I 
>don't end up on a video somewhere being a fool,

I hope you do!

>but then again who cares,

Exactly, and yes.  ;-)

>a once in a lifetime shot.

Go for it!

>Just please, everyone remember me now...before I make a total fool of

You are judged by your actions.  ;-)
Hey, life is short, so really there are very little opportunities to
make a fool out of yourself.
You must take advantage of those opportunities.  ;-)

Have fun!

>From: <mobailey at>
>Subject: most psychedelic song
>I may have missed something, but...

Yeah, me too.

>What's the other "most psychedelic song"?
>Amazing Journey?

I'd have to say Relax is probably their most psychedelic song.
That, or Acid Queen.

Kevin in VT

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