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Tue Jul 6 08:09:51 CDT 2004

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> Hmmm.  I like "Sister Disco," and "You Better You Bet" ain't bad.   Of
> course, they're better live than on the albums.  But aren't all Who songs
> that way?

I don't think they've ever been able to improve on Quadrophenia live.  They
came out with their grandest (and most complex) studio work just as their
live prowess was starting to slip ever so slightly.  Once the original
Quadrophenia tour was plagued by problems, it was almost impossible that
they would ever be able to recapture it.

Love Reign O'er Me and 5:15 are much stonger on the album, for me.  I do
love Pete's acoustic versions of I'm One and Drowned, though, and I think
they're doing a great job with The Punk Meets the Godfather on the current
tour.  The Real Me sounds terrific on the 2000 recordings I've heard, but
none of it matches the original album.

Jim M

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