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> Well, as for not being a "Golden Boy," he IS 60 years old, Suzanne.  As for 
> his weight, Roger still has not an ounce of fat on him- he clearly works out 
> with weights quite a bit and has a thicker build in the chest, abs, and 
> arms.  I 
> this case, heavier is actually just stronger and more muscular.  I admire 
> people who keep in great shape and work hard to stay strong, so it bothered 
> me a 
> bit to read this mis-info from Suzanne.  Otherwise, I enjoyed her re-telling 
> of her experience and appreciate her respect for what The Who does.  In 
> essence, she "gets it."
> Mc

I agree with you Mc, for 60 he is looking real good. The only thing that 
bothers me, and maybe you all can shed some light on it, he looks swollen. He 
doesn't look heavy as much as blown up. I recall my mother looking this way when 
the Dr. had her on steroids for a period of time. I wonder if he is taking them 
for his shoulder or something else.....Sandy

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