AEB and Who's worst

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Tue Jul 6 01:12:19 CDT 2004

AEB writes:

> What about:
> Athena?
> You Better You Bet?
> Did You Steal My Money?
> Sister Disco?
> God awful tripe....................bad songs........poor performances.......
> AnEnglishBoy~

He's BAAAAAAAAACK!!!  Well, sir, it has been quite some time since you have 
posted.  It's GREAT to hear from you again.  I don't mind any of these, but 
agree whole-heartedly with Did You Steal My Money- bletch!!  I kind of like 
Sister Disco, and in a weird way, Athena.  YBYB has slowly grown on me, but I can 
completely understand it being on most people's Who's worst list.  I've always 
hated Boris The Spider and New Song and No Road Romance.

Now, I am wondering if you are planning to attend The Who's shows in CA this 
August 7th and 9th?  I am attending both shows and would like to finally meet 
you, especially given our unusual history.


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