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> Of the two frontmen, Roger Daltrey seemed to be struggling more, straining 
> on certain notes, and also he’s a bit heavier now than he was, not quite the 
> golden boy he has been.

Well, as for not being a "Golden Boy," he IS 60 years old, Suzanne.  As for 
his weight, Roger still has not an ounce of fat on him- he clearly works out 
with weights quite a bit and has a thicker build in the chest, abs, and arms.  I 
 this case, heavier is actually just stronger and more muscular.  I admire 
people who keep in great shape and work hard to stay strong, so it bothered me a 
bit to read this mis-info from Suzanne.  Otherwise, I enjoyed her re-telling 
of her experience and appreciate her respect for what The Who does.  In 
essence, she "gets it."


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