Wholapalooza 2.75 update

Alan McKendree amck at thenetdr.com
Mon Jul 5 23:01:39 CDT 2004

  From Scott Pottersmith and the Wholapalooza 2.75 organizers:

Hello Everyone,

  ozzie back with some updated WHOLA-LA Stuff information. This will
  be a List post, so as always; I apologize to the Whola E-Updaters
  for the duplicate information. It will be the last List post until
  August, WHOLA-LA Week! So if you want more current updates, sign up
  for the E-Updates:

  Still plenty of time to get your "Play My Song" contest entry in.
  The deadline is July 15th. We have some great entries, so make it
  good if you want to win!!



  I designed two shirts and the badge:
  The WHOLA-LA Wild edition Tee
  The WHOLA-LA Relayers edition Tee
  The WHOLA-LA Badge
  Any of the above images can be used for the mouse pad.

http://funnyfarm.net/wholashirts.htm    (I'm experiencing problems
  with updating the Wholapalooza site, so this page will temporarily
  be on the Funny Farm site.)

  (Re-printed from 7/3/04 update)

  Before you read the following please understand YOU DO NOT NEED ANY
  But on the very slight chance the room fills up, people without some
  type of pass, be it a ticket, wristband, or access badge, will be
  asked to leave the private room in order to make room for people
  arriving with passes.
  There won't be any Tee-shirts being sold at the Whola!!! The only
  way to get them is to pre-order them.

  1- WHOLA-LA ticket or wristband -  No charge- send SASE to me and
  I'll mail it out to you.
  2- WHOLA-LA  "All Access Badge" on lanyard. It won't get you any
  more access then a free ticket, but it will be a cool souvenir. $7.00
  3- WHOLA-LA   " Pack" An "All Access Badge" and a WHOLA-LA tee
  shirt.  $21.00
  4- WHOLA-LA   "VIP Pack" An "All Access Badge" a WHOLA-LA tee shirt,
  and WHOLA-LA Mouse Pad. $3.00
  All packages except #1 will require $2.00 for  mainland US first
  class  postage. Add $4.00 for Priority Mail (International orders
  will require extra postage.), Save the postage and pick up your
  stuff at the Whola.
  All orders must be paid for in advance. Credit cards as well as
  PayPal will be accepted.
  Send me an email with the following information.
  Tel. # (if you want to use a credit card without using the PayPal
  System) (US phone numbers only)
  Exact merchandise order. If you are ordering tees, which image and
  what size. Quantity.
  Tell me if you need to use:
  PayPal Account (no credit card)
  PayPal Account (using a credit card)
  And your PayPal email address to send money request to.

  Mailing address for free ticket.
  1024 55th St.
  Boulder, CO 80303

  New Updaters will still joint through the link to Zeop that is on
  the Wholapalooza Web page, but for right now, you will un-subscribe
  by sending an email to unsubscribe at wholapalooza.com or you could use
  the unsubscribe link from any of the older Updates you still may
  have. As soon as I have the new software set up, you will see an
  unsubscribe link appearing in the Updates once again


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