50th Anniversary of Rock'n'Roll

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 4 09:04:28 CDT 2004

CBS Morning News did a feature on this and opened with the modern day Who.  
I couldn't identify what show, as they played Elvis over it, but there was a 
couple of minutes of footage with sound and good clear shots of Pete, Roger 
and Zak.

The presenter said about what we know, that many young people of the sixties 
were excited by the early pioneers and those kids who might have otherwise 
been poets and artists went into music instead.  Your best bet now is to 
experience the music in a live setting and become part of the moment, which 
is over as soon as the show is over.  Well, we manage to extend it a little 
with the Internet chat, but mostly he's covered it pretty well in a five to 
seven minute segment.

It was great to see The Who get such prominent placement--setting the 
standard again.  Whohoo.   ;)

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