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L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Jul 2 18:36:22 CDT 2004

Here's an excerpt from an article on earplugs for musicians.  I don't know 
what Roger Miller looks like, because they've used a picture of Pete.  It's 
interesting that Pete can't use these earplugs.  I guess he needs to hear 
every nuance of the music.


Miller is just one of a long line of illustrious personalities who have 
hearing problems caused by loud music.

US President Bill Clinton (news - web sites) was fitted with high-tech, 
in-the-canal hearing aids in 1997, after complaining that he "often cant 
make out what hecklers occasionally shout at him while he is making 
speeches," according to his spokesperson at the time.

Doctors have said the former president's saxophone playing and penchant for 
rock music contributed to his hearing loss.

And Pete Townshend, of legendary British rock group the Who, has what he 
describes as "severe hearing damage" which began as "tinnitus, ringing in 
the ears at frequencies that I play guitar."

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