Where's the bass?

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 2 10:21:49 CDT 2004

>>But they were different CDs.  Were these comments about bootleg or 
releases (where the sound is re-mixed).  John didn't play on any of these
Encore soundboard releases, right?

>As I understood the comments, we're talking about the 2002 Encore disks vs.
the 2004 disks.  John played on the 2002 disks, of course, and I believe it
was Pete who explained that the disks were unmixed, and that there was more
bass at the shows because some of John's sound didn't come through the
PA--it came from the stage.

Duh.  I've just noticed what I said here.  No, John didn't play on the 2002 
disks, but he must have played on some of them in order for Pete to have 
made these comments.  Did they release Encore disks for 2000?


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